Compass Engineering

Compass Engineering Ltd – Asenovgrad is a manufacturing enterprise, established in the year of 1995 by specialists with long years of experience in the area of machine building and metal processing. When the company was established, there were only 2 machines for working. Due to the rapid entering on the market, which was a result of the application of good engineering practices, the company has gradually growing and today it is proud with its extensive machinery park, which serves the needs of precise and quality production.

At the present moment, the company has the technological potential and the highly qualified personnel for producing machines with variety of applications: designing punches, dies, molds, blow molds and spare parts with different applications. Meanwhile, the company is partnering with local companies in the area of injecting plastic and moulding metals under preassure, for more effectively closing the cycle of the whole production.

The vision of the company is a reflection not only of the high quality and professionalism, but of the market expansion. The team is constantly striving to expanding the orders for non-standard tools, for development and adoption of new product lines and maintaining of healthy and appropriate relationships with already established and regular customers.


Compass Engineering Ltd – Asenovgrad has won the project under the operating program “Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy” 2007-2013, a procedure for providing gratuitous financial aid BG161PO003 – 2.1.11 “Technological Modernization in Small and Medium Enterprises” for the amount of 1058 thousand leva.

We develop instrumental and non-standard equipment for different economical sections: